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8.5 x 6.5 reference cards for learning the basic t

Sixteen-inch diameter octagonal board with removable, washable fabric cover.

Thickness: 1.5 inches

Fabric cover is gingham check on one side and a calico solid on the other side. Either side can be used.

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Black check/deep purple calico

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Teal check/deep teal calico

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Black check/light purple calico

Teal check/light teal calico

New and improved covers with  elastic drawstring!

InstaNeedle is a two-part hardener for cord ends so you can easily add beads for your designs. I highly recommend this prodcut for all my kits.



Any Angle Macrame Board | $60

Anefil Polyester Cord

Bracelet and Necklace Kits

20 vibrant colors of Tex 210 cord available in 50-yard and 1,000-yard spools.

17 different kits with written instructions.

Basic Knot Cards | $5

InstaNeedle | $20